The Author

Hi I’m Ian – owner of the ‘attic’ in which the music resides.

A Nottingham lad, born and bred I now live in the village of Lymm in the North-West of England, close to the town of Warrington and roughly half way between the legendary musical cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

I live with my lovely wife Caroline and our cat Cookie.

I’ve never had kids of my own but I ‘inherited’ two when I met Caroline in 2005. Being rather selfish and reluctant to share my spare time playing in the park etc I had always vowed never to meet a lady with children in tow. However I’d already fallen for Caroline and her two boys were in their final years of school when we met so hardly ‘kids’ any more. When I discovered that they were both musicians in a band, and hoping to follow in their dad’s musical footsteps (“a well known American musician but more on that later”) that helped to seal the deal for me!

Both boys are now proper ‘grown ups’ and enjoying successful careers in the music industry. I’ll no doubt be blogging / bragging about them at some point so watch this space…

When I’m not up in the attic or banging on about gigs I’ve been to I’m a Project Manager during the week (not very rock and roll, sorry!) and a Notts County fan at the weekends (even less rock and roll but I’ve been a fan since 1977 and I do have a lot of football memorabilia in the attic which would make for great footy blog site one day – Magpies In The Attic perhaps?!)

Like my stuff? Please share with your mates. Cheers! :)