My first ever podcast!

Well I’ve been in a music documentary on US television so it was only a matter of time before the UK media came knocking and started paying me some attention lol!

Joking aside, I was honoured to be asked recently if I would like to appear in a music podcast. I wasn’t sure about it at first to be honest but, after a quick chat with my new mate Viv Griffiths I agreed to take part. Viv and his long standing pal Keith are a bit like me – two ageing rockers (sorry lads but we are!) who have been into music for many many years and who love to reminisce about the records they’ve bought, gigs they’ve been to and stuff they’ve got up to. They both live in North Wales, UK and run a weekly podcast called ‘Gods of Rock’ in which guests from a variety of musical backgrounds join them for a “friendly chat down the (virtual) pub” about their love of music.

During my interview (episode 9) we discuss how Music In the Attic started, the music I grew up with, gigs and festivals I’ve been to over the years, the records and vintage memorabilia I’ve kept up in the loft and of course, my debut TV appearance in an American music documentary about Guns N’Roses! I really enjoyed the experience and I’m already looking forward to having another chat with Viv and Keith in the new year. I may even start a podcast myself…. mmm…..???

Want to hear my dulcet tones on the Gods of Rock podcast? Here’s how you can from 7th October…


Click image for link to the Gods of Rock podcast on Spotify

The Story behind Music In The Attic


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