My screen debut is imminent…

Who remembers that time back in December 2021 when a film crew came to my house and an American film director interviewed me for a rock documentary he was making?

No? Well here’s a reminder of that Very Surreal Sunday nearly 18 months ago!

To be honest I had almost forgotten about it myself but then, totally out of the blue I got an email from Randy the film director last week. In his own words “Marvel movies have been written, shot and screened in less time”.  But now, since I’ve received that email from him I’m feeling rather anxious…

The documentary, which I can now share the details of, is going to be aired in the United States on Sunday 18th June (9pm ET, 6pm PT). It is called Guns N’ Roses: America’s Most Dangerous Band and my small contribution to it relates to my hazy recollections of a sad and tragic event that unfolded during a UK festival appearance by the band back in 1988. I attended this event shortly after my 21st birthday. Many of you will know the event I’m talking about but if not it’s this one HERE.

Whilst I was clearly shocked to be approached to feature in a documentary (the researchers had simply found me through this little ol’ blog site) and I was happy to share my own memories of the event, I still remain a little a little apprehensive about how the events of that day may be portrayed on screen. It’s obviously a very sensitive topic that will live long in the memory for a lot of people. I only hope that this section of the film is treated that way, ie sensitively. Time will tell I guess but I won’t be able to relax until I’ve seen the doc for myself.

Guns N’Roses : America’s Most Dangerous Band will be broadcast on Reelz in the US on 18th June 2023. At this stage I have not been told if or how it will be made available in other countries but I will of course post details here if I get any further information. In the meantime here’s a link to a Press Release.

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