I’m a bit rubbish….

For the first time since I started this website in June 2020 I didn’t actually get round to posting anything interesting here this month (you’ve probably enjoyed the break?!)

To be totally honest I’ve really struggled to get ‘creative’ for a little while now and have actually considered calling it a day and letting the site die a natural death when the domain comes up for renewal. In the early days of the blog, back when the world was in lockdown and we all had a lot more time on our hands, the words just seemed to flow onto my keyboard. These days, whenever I do find some time to work on the website I’m usually just not in the mood to write anything. I think they call it writers block?

Having said all that I still continue to get excited by music, and the old vinyl records I pulled out of retirement last year continue to be a great source of entertainment and nostalgia, especially on my days off work and if I’m home alone!

With summer holidays and the festival season on the horizon I may become inspired to write something more interesting over the next couple of months. In the meantime please join us over on the Music In the Attic Instagram or Facebook page which are both a lot more ‘active’ compared to this website and Instagram in particular continues to grow in popularity. This might be something to do with awesome posts like this one… ?!

The two pictures of me with the very same vinyl album were taken nearly 44 years apart!

The first picture was taken Christmas 1978 when I was using Rainbow’s classic ‘Rising’ album to test drive my new Ferguson music centre, aged 11. 

The second picture is 54 year old me with the very same copy of my cherished record. The cover is showing a few signs of wear and tear these days but it’s otherwise in great shape for its age. It remains “one of my all time favourite classic rock albums of all time, mate”. 🤣 The sleeve art would also be in my top 5! 😀👍🌈

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for future blog posts or memories you’d like to read more about – or perhaps you would like to write a ‘guest blog’ – then please get in touch. You may inspire me to keep the Music In the Attic website going for a little bit longer at least…


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