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As a kid growing up in the late 70’s / early 80s I was very much in the minority with my musical tastes. Anyone who was into music at my school was either into Duran Duran or the Human League (girls) or The Specials, Selecter or Dexys Midnight Runners (boys). I can still remember the strange looks I got when walking through the school gates with my art folder covered in a Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow poster (“who the f**k are they?!”) and various other cuttings probably pulled from Kerrang! magazine. I was only about 12 at the time but it did give me a sense of maturity and come to think of it, I was probably a bit of a music snob even at that age! I once got a nod of approval from a long haired 6th former which really made my day although I bet he thought my art folder had been handed down to me by an older sibling. Whatever mate…

Although the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) had taken off it was actually quite rare to see anything remotely rock or metal in the newspapers. I would therefore get a bit giddy if ever I saw something in the press and would either cut it out and stick it in a scrapbook or blue tack it to my bedroom wall.

Here’s a few recent finds from my attic which have somehow survived for almost 40 years! Hopefully some nostalgic readers out there will find them interesting. Some of you may even be IN them! (How good would that be?!)

Local newspaper report from the Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington in 1981 (Sadly I was too young to go to this one)
Daily Mirror Centre spread feature on Motorhead, 9th April 1981
Tabloid write up on rock’s ‘new’ madman Ozzy Osbourne (newspaper and year unknown)
Front page feature on the Donington Monsters of Rock Festival – Nottingham Evening Post, 21st August 1982. Sadly I wasn’t at this one either but Pete Funnell, Ken Bloomer and Melanie Pitt were. Are you out there folks?!
More on Donington 1982, Nottingham Evening Post report. Anyone know ‘mad hatter’ Graham Harrison from Spilsby or Saxon fan Helen Torkington (now in her late 50s!)
Nottingham Evening Post review of Hawkwind’s gig at the Royal Concert Hall – 16th Feb 1983. I always kicked myself for not going to this one but I’d only just been to my first ever gig (Saxon at the same venue) a couple of weeks earlier and pocket money was tight!

I’m sure I’ve got more snippets knocking around so will post them here if they turn up during another attic raid. In the meantime if you’re enjoying this little nostalgia fest please leave us a comment or even better share my site and spread the word. Cheers!

Donington 1984

Read about my first trip to the festival HERE

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