Special gig No 4: Controversial W.A.S.P gig goes ahead in Nottingham – 1984

Tuesday 25th September 1984 – W.A.S.P at The Palais, Nottingham

On this day in 1984 (37 YEARS AGO!) I went to see W.A.S.P at the Nottingham Palais. This was the LA metal band’s first ever UK tour and it was surrounded in controversy from the outset due to the explicit nature of their live show.

Advert promoting the tour in Kerrang! magazine

Some gigs were cancelled but thankfully the Nottingham show went ahead despite complaints from the local authorities and it was awesome. Unfortunately I can’t find my ticket stub for this one but I did keep the local newspaper cutting in an old scrapbook. Believe it or not I also kept some bird feathers from the gig (in a fake skull in the attic – yeah seriously!) These were shaken from a pillow case onto the crowd during the encore. I’m sure it looked great under the strobe lights at the time but we did all leave the venue looking like some sweaty half plucked chickens at the end of the gig! 🤣🐔🐓

Review of the W.A.S.P gig in the Nottingham Evening Post the following day

Just for added geekiness, I have recently unearthed and digitised this local news article which I had recorded onto a VHS video tape 37 years ago! This tape, along with many others, has been stored in various garages and attics over the years but remains in great shape for its age. I have borrowed a VHS player off a neighbour so don’t be too surprised if a few more vintage video clips appear here soon! 🤣

Local news coverage of the controversial W.A.S.P at the Nottingham Palais on 25th September 1984
(courtesy of Central News, East Midlands)
Also found this amongst my old attic ‘artefacts’. I had only recently started going to the Rock Nights at The Palais a month or so before the W.A.S.P gig in 1984

Were you at the W.A.S.P gig that night? What are your memories of it? Do you remember the build up to it? Did you keep any old shit like I did…? Do you still have your ticket stub even…?! Would love to see that! 😉 Share your comments here or over on the Music In the Attic Facebook page, Twitter feed or on Instagram…

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