Gig Anniversaries – July

Regular followers of the ‘Music In The Attic’ social media channels get to see an eclectic mix of old gig tickets, vintage tour merchandise, dusty old vinyl records and tapes as well as photos and videos from concerts I have recently attended. If you love a bit of music nostalgia then the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are usually the place to get your regular fix and to indulge in memories of days gone by. Come and join the community and get involved in the discussion!

In the meantime here is a quick roundup of some of the gigs I have been to in the month of JULY since I first started going to concerts back in 1983…

I went to my first and only Latitude Festival in July 2012. Was it for us or did we have the wrong attitude for Latitude? Here is a link my hilarious review of it (well it made me chuckle anyway!)

Gig Anniversaries – June

More of my old gig tickets here

Reliving my youth through vinyl

Dusting off my old record collection here

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