Keeping it in the family for my first vinyl in 30+ years!

A few weeks ago I took delivery of my first brand new vinyl record in over 30 years. As regular followers will be aware I’ve been dusting off my old albums since purchasing a turntable and bringing them out of retirement at the start of the year. However, until last month I hadn’t actually purchased anything new. Strictly speaking I still haven’t as this one was GIFTED to me by my stepson Dario, aka Youngr – the artist behind this historic piece of plastic! This was a momentous occasion for both of us because, not only is it my first new record in three decades it is also the first album Youngr has released in physical format. And if I may say so, it’s bloody brilliant…

Youngr’s first release on vinyl – ‘Live at Llamaland Studios‘ (2022)

For the uninitiated Youngr has been building his reputation as a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, singer and songwriter for a few years now. The term ‘global internet sensation’ often gets overused but that’s precisely what he is – a creator of some incredible ‘one take’ performance videos in which he plays every instrument – many of which have gone viral, gaining him a worldwide following and earning respect from his peers across the music industry, including some of his own musical heroes.

As you can imagine his family is immensely proud of his achievements and I was truly honoured to be the first person ON EARTH to unbox and play this record – before the artist had even seen the finished article himself! (Sorry Dario – I couldn’t wait!)

It’s difficult for me to describe in a few words what makes Youngr as talented and as popular as he is. I am also naturally inclined to be a little biased so instead I will let the man and his music do the talking and you can judge for yourself. Let us know what you think…

Youngr – Flesh & Bones from the ‘Live from Llamaland Studios‘ album 2022
Youngr – performing ‘You’ from the Live from Llamaland Studios’ album 2022

Like what you see and hear? You can download or stream Youngr’s music from Spotify, Apple Music and all the usual platforms HERE.

If you’d prefer to own a physical copy of the vinyl album there’s a limited number available from the merch page on his website HERE. Grab one while you can!

Some more from Youngr…

Youngr’s take on ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach – one of many bootlegs he’s done over the years
Youngr’s Chilli Peppers mashup
Youngr’s live bootleg of Turn Around by Phats and Small
Youngr goes back to his Manchester routes with an Oasis (and Stone Roses) mashup
The first video to go viral – Youngr’s Temper Trap bootleg (2016)
Youngr’s live bootleg of Hey Now by London Grammar (2017)

When Youngr was younger…

…he was in several other bands with his brother Lorne Ashley. That’s a topic for a future blog post but in the meantime here’s the boys in their band ‘Picture Book‘ – filmed at the Fieldview Festival back in 2012.

Youngr and his ‘Oldr’ brother Lorne Ashley (LORNAE) back in Picture Book 2012

Loads more Youngr action on his

YouTube Channel

More Links:

Youngr on wiki

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Re-living my youth through vinyl

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One thought on “Keeping it in the family for my first vinyl in 30+ years!

  1. What a great tribute to a top man, I feel privileged to have watched him perform, he is a true star xx
    Love the website by the way 👍🏻

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