Glasto Goodness Part 7 – 2004

I went to Glastonbury for 20 years between 1997 and 2017, amazingly missing out on tickets just once (2005 looked shit anyway lol!)

I’ve managed to piece together every programme, mini guide, ticket and mud-spattered wristband that’s been hidden away in boxes up in my attic for years (see them all here!) Sadly my addled old brain is incapable of piecing together enough memories to write a review for each year so here’s some great footage and photos I have found from Glastonbury 2004 – the year a Beatle headlined on Saturday night, and a band who thought they were The Beatles headlined on Friday night! 😉 It was also the year that the ‘New Bands’ tent was renamed ‘The John Peel Stage’ in honour of the legendary DJ and friend of the festival who sadly died later that same year.

My artefacts

My programme, mini-guide and ticket stub from Glastonbury 2004

The Poster

The poster – Glastonbury 2004

Some video highlights:

The Killers when they were young and radical and before they became ‘Radio 2 friendly’ (John Peel Stage – Glastonbury 2004)
The excellent P J Harvey on the Pyramid Stage on Friday afternoon – Glastonbury 2004
The Godfather of Soul – James Brown, Glastonbury 2004
Warrington’s finest – Starsailor on the Pyramid Stage Saturday afternoon, Glastonbury 2004
Goldfrapp on the Other Stage, Friday night at Glastonbury 2004 (I swear my chest caved in with the bass that night!)
James front man and Glasto icon Tim Booth on the John Peel Stage, Saturday night – Glastonbury 2004
Think this was the first time I saw Elbow and this song blew me away. The gorgeous Fugitive Motel at Glastonbury 2004
Friday headliners Oasis were considered well past their best at this time and you can see/hear why. Personally I was bored to tears and wished we had watched The Chemical Brothers, Spiritualised or The Levellers who were all playing at the same time
Saturday night headliner Paul McCartney. I’m pretty sure there’s still people singing Hey Jude in the fields of Worthy Farm to this day. It went on all night!

More videos over on my YouTube Channel here:

Some Photo Memories:

This was the year of Euro 2004 so they showed England v Portugal on a big screen (never really liked the football at festivals thing to be honest)
Goldfrapp on the Other Stage – Friday night. Glastonbury 2004

More great Glasto stuff on t’internet...

The BBC’s highlights from 2004 here

The official Glastonbury Festival History here

E-Festivals brilliant archive here

Loads of great stock photos from 2004 on Alamy here

Were you at Glasto this year? Do you remember much about it?! Share your memories in the comments below…

Glasto ’97

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