My Glastonbury Wall

One of the main reasons for going into the attic in the first place was to recover my Glastonbury memorabilia. This year would have been the 50th Anniversary of the festival until covid put paid to that but I was feeling nostalgic.

My love affair with that field in Somerset started in 1997 when I went to the festival for the first time. I was about to turn 30 that summer and my ex- wife had been telling all her mates that she was letting me go to Glasto “to get it out of his system”. Little did she know that this would be the first of 17 pilgrimages I would make to Glastonbury and that I would only miss one (the swamp fest of 2005) over the next 20 years! My Glastonbury escapades would go on to outlast my first marriage by another 15 years…

As you will discover from this blog I am a bit of a magpie, not just because I support Notts County but also because I’m a collector of stuff. I find it difficult to throw stuff away, especially music or football memorabilia that I know I will want to reflect upon and share with people in the future. I therefore knew there would be some valuable Glasto treasures in the attic and I wanted to do something with these to mark the 50th anniversary.

So my first project of lockdown 2020 was to piece together every Glastonbury artefact I could find dotted around the house and in the attic. What I found was every programme and mini guide from every year I went to the festival, along with nearly every ticket and filthy wristband! The next stage was to turn this into something I could share with the world. So here it is…. my Glastonbury wall.

I can’t take all the credit for this masterpiece. Caroline (who is far more creative than me) framed all the pieces in a way that only she knows how. My part of the deal was to ensure that the items survived some severe conditions over 20 years at Glastonbury (and I’m not just talking about the weather) and to bang 18 nails into the wall at the top of our stairs. I think the results are pretty impressive – what do you think?

Question is, will I ever manage to get another ticket for the festival (Mr Eavis)?

Have you got any Glastonbury creations to share?

Were you once a Glasto regular who can’t get a ticket these days? Do you care?

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20 years at Glastonbury

Here are my highlights

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