Glasto Goodness Part 3 – 1999

I went to Glastonbury for 20 years between 1997 and 2017, amazingly missing out on tickets just once (2005 looked shit anyway lol!)

I’ve managed to piece together every programme, mini guide, ticket and mud-spattered wristband that’s been hidden away in boxes up in my attic for years (see them all here!) Sadly my addled old brain is incapable of piecing together enough memories to write a review for each year so here’s some great footage and photos I have found from 1999…

My artefacts

My programme and mini-guide from Glastonbury 1999
(annoyingly I can’t locate my ticket stub or wrist band from this year)

The Poster

The lineup poster – Glastonbury 1999

Some video highlights:

Fun Lovin’ Criminals at Glastonbury 1999 – some incredible crowd action in this!
The Excellent R.E.M at Glastonbury 1999
Ex-Clash front man and Glastonbury legend Joe Strummer – now has an area of the festival site named after him – “Strummerville”
The legendary Al Green at Glastonbury 1999. We stood next to a very ‘loved up’ Zoe Ball and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) during this set
Courtney Love and her band Hole tear Glastonbury a new one during their set
Full set from Gomez at Glastonbury 1999 – one of our highlights from that year, especially that sunset!
Super Furry Animals with some errr Super Furry Animals at Glastonbury 1999 (This song takes me right back to the 90s and hearing it on Radio 1)
Some great amateur footage from 1999. Hard to believe some of these folks are now in their 40s, 50s or older! What a time to be alive…

More videos over on my YouTube Channel here:

Some Photo Memories:

Glastonbury Festival , Britain – 1999, Glastonbury Festival – 1999 (Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)
More here:

Glasto ’97

The start of a 20 year love affair (read the story here)

More great stuff here...

Were you at Glasto this year? Do you remember much about it?! Share your memories in the comments below…

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