Glasto Goodness Part 4 – 2000

I went to Glastonbury for 20 years between 1997 and 2017, amazingly missing out on tickets just once (2005 looked shit anyway lol!)

I’ve managed to piece together every programme, mini guide, ticket and mud-spattered wristband that’s been hidden away in boxes up in my attic for years (see them all here!) Sadly my addled old brain is incapable of piecing together enough memories to write a review for each year so here’s some great footage and photos I have found from 2000 (the festival’s 30th anniversary and the year of Bowie’s magnificent return!)

My artefacts

My programme, mini-guide and ticket stub from Glastonbury 2000
(found everything apart from my grubby wristband for this year!)

The Poster

The lineup poster – Glastonbury 2000

Some video highlights:

Without doubt the greatest stage entrance I ever witnessed in 20 years at Glasto. Still get tingles watching this…
At the time the Chemical Brothers allegedly played to the largest crowd gathered in front of the Pyramid Stage. This was the last year before the new ‘super fence’ was built and the site was supposedly at double capacity due to fence jumpers. I do remember it being fairly uncomfortable on the night!
The recently reformed (but clearly NOT ‘reformed’) Happy Mondays on the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage 2000. Shaun and Rowetta had a bust up on stage, Bez was Bez and I think there was a streaker on stage at one point. It was all a bit shambolic but glorious at the same time…
The superb Moloko featuring Roisin Murphy at a sunny Glastonbury 2000.
Great set from Moby – Glastonbury 2000
Another glorious sunset set – Death in Vegas on the Other Stage, Glastonbury 2000
A new band called Muse – playing what would have been their biggest gig at the time on The Other Stage, Glastonbury 2000
Leftfield headlining the Other Stage at Glastonbury 2000. My chest is still rattling from that BASS over 20 years later….!
Some great amateur footage which captures the vibe of Glastonbury 2000 (loved the festival back then)

More videos over on my YouTube Channel here:

Some Photo Memories:

Random photo from Glasto 2000. More here:
Random photo from Glasto 2000. More here:

Glasto ’97

The start of a 20 year love affair (read the story here)

More great stuff here...

Were you at Glasto this year? Do you remember much about it?! Share your memories in the comments below…

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