Music In The Attic is now on Spotify & Apple Music

Music In The Attic is now curating playlists on Spotify and Apple Music!

Volume 1, containing some of my favourite classic rock and metal tunes is now available to stream/download on your platform of choice. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be creating playlists based on specific themes, moods, different musical genres or referencing my recent posts on here. 

If you like your music streamed (and let’s face it there are times when vinyl just isn’t practical, like in the car!) then please join me over on Spotify or Apple Music. Here’s the links:  

Why am I doing this now? 

Good question! Music in the Attic started life as a blog site to keep me occupied during the lockdown of 2020. This was shortly after I rediscovered all my old gig tickets, tour T-shirts, programmes, vinyl records, tapes and loads of other ‘artefacts’ from my youth up in the loft. I still write a blog occasionally but not as frequently as I did back then (I seriously miss lockdowns!) Whilst I have continued to share all this stuff on my social media channels I recently realised that something very important was missing from Music In The Attic….

M U S I C !!!

So now I want to share some of the music I love with other like-minded people. You’ve probably realised by now that my tastes are rather eclectic (nothing is off limits – except maybe opera!) so my playlists will be equally as varied. Bear with me! 

I hope you enjoy Volume 1 – Classic Rock and Heavy Metal… 🤘😎🤘More to come soon…

Like my stuff? Please share with your mates. Cheers! :)

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