Special gig No 3: Depeche Mode on a scary night in London – 2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017 – Depeche Mode, London Stadium (Olympic Park)

A rare trip to the capital and an eventful day out which me and my old my mate Zip will never forget. It started with an epic pub crawl en-route to the London Stadium where the concert was being held.

The day should have been remembered for an awesome home coming gig by Depeche Mode – they were superb. However, as fans poured out of the stadium after the show word was spreading about a terrorist attack happening on London Bridge. Rumours of vans being driven into people and rampaging suicide bombers randomly stabbing people in pubs and restaurants!

This obviously made for quite a tense atmosphere outside the stadium and many people, including ourselves felt a bit anxious as the crowds dispersed and headed off into the night. We decided not to wander too far from our base, and chose the relative safety of a bar in Hackney Wick where we watched the news unfolding on the TV. It was here, and on the telly back at our ‘luxury’ accomodation (a room above a bookies in the East End) that the full extent of the attacks became apparent. It was horrific.

Our phones were buzzing all night with messages from folks back home, keen to know that we were both alive and well. A great day out in London ended with a very surreal night and the mood around the city remained tense as we headed for our trains home on Sunday morning…

The gig itself was incredible and had a real ‘home coming’ feel about it for local lads Depeche Mode. Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and the band put on a superb show in the still relatively new surroundings of the London Stadium. The stadium, originally built for the London 2012 Olympics is now home to West Ham United Football Club.

Depeche Mode – London Stadium (Olympic Park) – 3rd June 2017
Depeche Mode – London Stadium (Olympic Park) – 3rd June 2017
Depeche Mode – London Stadium (Olympic Park) – 3rd June 2017
Depeche Mode – London Stadium (Olympic Park) – 3rd June 2017
Some great live footage from the show – Depeche Mode at the London Stadium – 3rd June 2017
This 80’s throwback was having the time of his life, bless him…

Were you at the Depeche Mode gig that night? What did you think of the show? How did you feel as you were leaving the stadium? Did you get caught up in events in central London? Share your comments below…

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