Vintage Merch Part 1 – smelly old T-shirts

You’ve probably come to realise by now that I’m a bit of a hoarder? I prefer to think of myself as more of a ‘historian’ (at least that’s what I tell my wife!) Some of this old crap has survived for over 40 years. I’ve lugged it all with me from house to house / attic to attic, all in the belief that one day future generations might find it remotely interesting. I guess there was also the belief that some of this shit “might be worth something one day” but, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I could bring myself to part with any of it now unless somebody was to make me a ridiculous offer!

During another recent foray into the attic I decided to open up an old suitcase that was sat gathering dust. I could vaguely remember what was in the case but I was a little apprehensive about what state it might be in. Despite smelling a little ‘fusty’ I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and the condition of the items inside. Here is a selection of classic rock and metal T-shirts that I purchased and wore during my youth in the 1980s. If you don’t believe me I’ve included some pictures of me wearing my vintage merchandise ‘back in the day’ – except it wasn’t vintage then! Enjoy…

Me and my old pal Chris larking around in his room, c1984. The Marillion shirt was looking a lot less faded back then! (Oh, and check out that bullet belt – it weighed more than me!)
Me in the same Metallica T-shirt c1987/88
Me in the very same GnR T-shirt (far left) – The Newshouse pub, Nottingham c.1987
Me in that actual Rush T-shirt, 1988ish

These smell great after all these years! 😉
The magic suitcase full of goodies…

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16 thoughts on “Vintage Merch Part 1 – smelly old T-shirts

  1. Great post Ian and what I would give for that Saxon jumper super cool!…

    Keep it up, you have a great writing style.


    1. It’s looking a bit rough around the edges these days but not surprising after all these years! Thanks for your kind words Alex. Please stick around… 🙂

    1. Haha! I wish mate. They barely fit on one arm these days. I did try one for a laugh and ended up looking like ‘Daffid…the only gay in the village’ off Little Britain…. belly hanging out, the lot lol! 🤣

    1. Loved it mate! It’s become a bit of a labour of love pulling this site together but it’s killed loads of time during this year from hell!

  2. Superb buddy. I was at the Doninigton (all of those – first one 1985, last one 1996) and the Rush gig. I was probably stood (or wat at the Rush gig) next to ya lol. Great collection and great memories. Wish I still had my old shirts too.

    1. Thanks mate. Yeah I remember you from the Rush gig lol! 🤣

      I’ve had some good offers for these Tees but for some reason (mainly nostalgia!) I just couldn’t bring myself to part with them. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I get a REALLY crazy offer I can’t turn down… 😜

  3. I found this page while trying to find a tee I’m currently wearing. it’s the grey shout at the devil one same as your own. luckily I still fit all my tees from yesteryear. when I wear them it makes me think of all the good times we had as teenagers. undoubtedly the best days to be alive. Great bands to go see most of which have not given up yet but should lol.

    1. Brilliant! Wish I could still wear mine. Although I was instantly catapulted back to the time I wore them back in the 80s when I rediscovered them.

      Glad you stumbled across my site. Thanks for checking in and for leaving a comment!

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