Vintage Merch Part 2 – Patches and Badges

Before I was old enough to go to gigs I started to collect rock patches and badges which my mum would spend hours sewing onto the back of my denim ‘cut off’. By the time I WAS old enough to go to concerts I had actually grown out of that denim so she did it all again on a different jacket, bless her! I think I may also have asked her to embroider some band logos onto another denim jacket but I have no idea what happened to that…

Most of my ‘merch’ was collected during Saturday morning trips into Nottingham in the late 70s/early 80s. I would catch the bus on my own and tour virtually every record shop in the city centre in my quest to find the best deal on a Deep Purple, Rainbow or Rush album. If I could save just 20p or 30p on a record I would be able to spend the rest of my pocket money on a badge or something similar from Victoria Centre Market (a stall next to Pendulum Records), Selectadisc or Way Ahead Records.

When I recently opened an old suitcase in the attic I not only found my old rock T-shirts (see earlier post), I also discovered a little plastic bag containing these little beauties from my youth…

Pin badges. Confession time: I think I may have stolen the 2112 badge from a cardboard box by the till in John Menzies when my pocket money ran out (c.1980)
Rush ‘hologram’ belt buckle from 1978. Pretty sure I once wore this to school once and was asked “what does rush mean?”

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